Friday, March 22

When Was the Last Time You Laughed?

Laugh: (online dictionary)

"To express certain emotions, especially mirth or delight, by a series of      spontaneous, usually unarticulated sounds often accompanied by corresponding facial and bodily movements /To show or feel amusement or good humor/To feel a triumphant or exultant sense of well-being."

Seriously, when was the last time you laughed? Really, really laughed, with tears streaming from your eyes?
You will agree with me that some of the words of the definition are key! ‘Mirth’, ‘delight’, ‘facial and bodily movements’, 'good humour,' ‘well-being’ etc. This post already wrote itself with those words, wouldn’t you say?

Laughter does not have to cost you anything, well, except you are the type who could never let go long enough to show some good emotions. In a world as mean as the one we live in, we should find every tiny reason to laugh. I really would love to always collapse into gales of laughter at the slightest opportunity; laugh at myself, at the other (crazy) driver, the roadside hawkers, the misbehaving okada riders, the meanness of the Government, the unfairness of people and situation around, laugh, and then proceed to find a solution to whatever the issues are. Even the Bible says that ‘laughter does good, like medicine!’
You do not have to have a sense of humour to laugh, oh no; just appreciate it in others and encourage them by laughing!!

I have this friend whose ability to reduce me to peals of and no-holds-barred laughter is unprecedented. He has only to open his mouth, or write something and I am guffawing. There is this other person I know who looks totally quiet and harmless but who has only to open his mouth and the laughter-inducing sarcasm is unbelievable. I wish I could do that!

I suggest you search for any avenue that will get you some health-improving laughter; pay for it if you have to! I used to (see here) attend comedy shows, (until I was seriously traumatized by one Julius Agu show; I should forgive him already! Lol). I like Teju Babyface, Akpororo, Owen G and whatever (or whoever) Bunmi Davis produces. Find something.

Be Free oh…

I dedicate this post to my friend, who rights an otherwise tilted world with his ability to make me laugh all the time.

Wednesday, March 20

Your House, in Order

A few posts ago, I touched on 'putting our house in order': click here to read and this morning, a new angle of that thought popped into my head.

Keeping our houses in order, or tying up loose ends, if you wish, encompasses a great many aspect of life; it’s not just about decluttering (our wardrobes) and homes, or even putting (physical) things in order; or even, according to the last post above, collecting abandoned fabrics from tailors! (a friend of mine actually went to her tailor to collect her fabrics, and a few of mine that I had with the same tailor!!)

How about the weight of those debts we owe?…aha, your mind automatically flew to money! Oh no, it is more than that; debts come in many ways; something legitimately due to someone else: money, yes but an apology, a visit, a hug, a smile, a word, a call? All those off-hand promises we make and never keep surely constitute debts of sorts! 
These cobwebs of entanglements should be swept out to free our minds and create a thoroughfare for peace and clean living.
As much as we know that it is not possible to be at peace with practically everyone in our lives, still, I believe that the onus is on us to do the best possible that we can! Imagine if everyone have that same mind.

In the spirit of decluttering, housekeeping and creating order therefore, how about taking 'a day off' to shrug off all (or at least a huge part) of those debts? Make it fun by tagging it if you like: ‘Debt Paying Day’ 'Deluttering Day', 'Housekeeping Day' 'Getting in Touch Day', whatever works, then proceed to give a call to explain things, to pacify, to greet, to hug, to reconnect, to reunite, to retrieve your fabrics (oh yes, that), to declutter your home, to update your posts, (you owe it to your readers!), to finish your assignments, to go get that Certificate, to (re)write that examination, to re-take that test. Just DO one thing today!

Be free oh.

Thursday, March 14

What Do You Choose?

I am happy. I am. I chose to be. Right this moment; I am happy. So very glad to be alive.

Not thinking about the confusion around the world, or the big ones in Nigeria in particular. Not thinking about the evils being perpetrated right before our eyes, not even overly concerned with the daily issues and burdens that dog us, or of the myriad of challenges that need to be resolved. Not thinking about the things that we need but lack; genuine and legitimate needs that have just not been met. Not even concerned about heartfelt prayers that have remained unanswered for reasons unknown. 

Not frantic or anxious about decisions that are in the process of being made, decisions that may either bring tears or joy or a combination of both. Oh no. I do not even care what the very next minute holds. I am just happy. Right here, right now. I chose to be. (I can't shout).

What do you chose?
Be Free oh.

Picture courtesy Google.
I really want to lie on the grounds and stare at the sky.