Wednesday, March 20

Your House, in Order

A few posts ago, I touched on 'putting our house in order.' click here to read and this morning, a new angle of that thought popped into my head.

Keeping our houses in order, or tying up loose ends, if you wish, encompasses a great many aspect of life; it’s not just about de-cluttering (our wardrobes) and homes, or even putting (physical) things in order; or even, according to the last post above, collecting abandoned fabrics from tailors! 

How about the weight of those debts we owe?…aha, your mind automatically flew to money! Oh no, it is more than that; debts come in many ways; something legitimately due to someone else: money, yes but an apology, a visit, a hug, a smile, a word, a call? All those off-hand promises we make and never keep surely constitute debts of sorts! 

These cobwebs of entanglements should be swept out to free our minds and create a thoroughfare for peace and clean living. As much as we know that it is not possible to be at peace with practically everyone in our lives, still, I believe that the onus is on us to do the best that we can! Imagine if everyone had the same mind.

In the spirit of de-cluttering, housekeeping and creating order therefore, how about taking 'a day off' to shrug off all (or at least a huge part) of those debts? Make it fun by tagging it if you like: ‘Debt Paying Day’ 'De-clutter Day', 'Housekeeping Day' 'Getting in Touch Day', whatever works, then proceed to give a call to explain things, to pacify, to say hi, to hug, to reconnect, to reunite, to retrieve your fabrics (oh yes, that), to de-clutter your home, to update your posts, (you owe it to your readers!), to finish your assignments, to go get that Certificate, to (re)write that examination, to re-take that test. Just DO one thing today.

Be free oh.


  1. I have been procrastinating about writing today. I will go and write I must. Thank you for this post.

  2. There is one big thing I have been putting off, today is the day then :)

    Thanks for this push!

  3. 'One big thing' does sound big oh. I hope you did get to it.


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