Monday, December 5

Project N1M: Executed

I am pretty sure you would agree with me if I said that the report of the last blog appeal should come before any other blog. I mean, I had started to post something else but thought, nah, give a report on the Garage Sale.

I must tell you though that this second Garage Sale dragged...I mean, it dragged. I tried my best to summon up the will to chase, harass and badger people into giving me something like I did the first time, but I couldn't find the will, not even from deep within...anyway, toward the  end of the journey, something came over us all and things began to happen, stuff began to roll in, fridge, brand new gold club set, shoes, original designer bags...suddenly our cordinator tagged the Sale PROJECT N1M; I am here to report that it was duly executed and delivered, gbam! 
No need to say much, except to thank all who supported us, we are so happy because we are making a difference in some lives.
The next GS will come in the first quater of 2012, I look forward to receiving stuff, anything, from all the countries of the world where my blog is being read...I see it. More details on that later....

Feed your eyes...and Be Free Oh.

The Star of the Garage Sale


  1. congrats o. looking forwar to the blog

  2. Hey Luciano! The next Garage Sale comes up in 2012, and you would definitely hear about it...

  3. Wow, that's a great achievement. I'll try to be part of the next one.


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