Friday, November 25

'Selling' for Charity

This blog has spoken extensively on giving back to society, showing up for life and generally 'doing something'. You all agree with me of course! (or, should I say 'I believe').

It is another season to find out if we are really open to being selfless (no one is judging oh).
We have so many people all over the world who need (though they may not even be aware of it) only a chance and somebody to believe in them.

The Bliss Group is here again, organizing another Garage Sale, this time the proceeds go to Genesis House, an Arm of Freedom Foundation , a shelter for women who have been taken off the Streets; drugs, prostitution etc etc.
I do not believe that I need to write a long blog, or plead and appeal to your conscience to support in this, (if we can so name it) noble cause to give a very very tiny percentage of suffering women hope and succour. No matter where you are, reading this blog, I believe sincerely that you can do something, it takes only some determination on your part.
We have seen lives transformed through this initiative; we cannot rest on our oars, we cant not lift our fingers to help the less-privileged.

What we need by way of support:
Clothes: all kinds/furniture/electronics/bags/laptops/cars (yes)/books/CDS/DVDS/children's toys/children's books/accessories/shoes/CASH/kitchenware/household etc etc. You may want to offer a service, just holler at me.

Please note that we are not asking for cast-offs, we are asking  you to sacrifice something for a worthy cause; addition to supporting, we of course ask you to be a part of the Sale. This is happening on 3rd Dec, in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
Please feel free to contact me by email, 

I would be most grateful if this particular blog is 're-blogged, shared, forwarded, transferred, whatever, just send it off everywhere. Thank you.

Please click on the Freedom Foundation website for more info:

I do not take your attention to this blog for granted; THANK YOU, and...

(really, please) Be Free Oh

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