Monday, December 12

Announce Yourself!

I knew this post had to graduate from ‘drafts’ to ‘published’  when a friend told me how, over the weekend she ended up at a high-profile party where her big(ger) boss was at and how she walked up to him, introduced herself and told him what she does for him!! And people around her commended her for being bold…she told me that she felt he needed to know what an asset he had...even my own eyes popped; strange, since I had this draft waiting since last week!
That is exactly what I feel we should do! Why shouldn't we announce ourselves? Why do most think it is better if others do it? 'Beauty being in the eye of the beholder' and all, (not the best of illustrations but I am sure you get my drift!) What if you waited endlessly for 'others' to blow this trumpet on our behalf but they are just so consumed with their business to remember us??
First I thought, oh, why broadcast your 'business' in order to get ahead? But people/companies advertise their products fact, that's what sells products! We must announce our gifts, talents and abilities, because we are just what someone is looking for. Tell of how good you are and reasons why you should be checked out! Its not pride to reel out your short, I feel I should be like my Father; He never misses any opportunity to tell you about the great works He did (does), He tells you how He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, He tells you how He moves mountains from one location to another, He tells you of His power to do and undo, He recounts, unceasingly, all the mighty things He did to bring Israel out of Egypt, He tells you how He numbers the stars and call them each by name, how He puts hail into storehouses, He tells you how the seas writhe in His presence, how the hills skip like lamb when He shows up....whats more? He tells, no, He commands you to tell your children from generation to come all the things He does! Talk about 'self-announcement!'

So, declaring what you do and how good you are at it is not boasting in the negative way in which we have come to regard 'boasting!' No one else is going to do it as well as you would, people can only affirm you, but they cannot tell what you do as well as you can. However, the key issue here is to maintain a balance so that you don't fall into 'self-pride', and thinking you are who/what you are by your own intelligence.
I should now announce to you that Zouzou's Place (yes, that email address is actually a Company name, duly registered and all) organizes  aso-ebi. Professionally and expertly takes care of all that business of going back and forth the market, assembling your aso-ebi for you. All you have to do is 'hand it over' to us.
I dare you to put yourself and your business out there o, 'they' are waiting to hear you, whats more, the tools to do it freely is available...why not take advantage...dust off those proposals, re-brand, re-launch, re-print, it takes and get it on! You can do it, DO IT. #AtOnce.

I have a mind to add: you don't own a business, but you are good at something, you know that you are very good at that 'something'...can you make a mini-flier and begin to announce yourself, no?...just do it. do it already.
Zouzous's Place carrier bags
I have freely expressed had better Be Free Oh!


  1. Great post. 1st time here and hooked.

  2. I totally agree with you that we should be bold about what we can do and what we are doing. I see it as a integral part of self esteem.

    And I love your carrier bags, shows good style and fashion sense that will surely help in your business of Aso-ebis. I will keep you in mind.

  3. rlly!.....gr8 job Zain!.......Duly noted n best wishes....

  4. Ladies!
    @Lara: I wish I knew which Lara, I have about 4 in my life...cant make out this photo...thanks a bunch in any case.
    @Harwa: thumbs up
    @Myne....thanks for the compliment, a dupe gan!

  5. I have 2 unseen male followers, (wetin I do the men abeg??), one of them read and IM-ed me this comment last night:

    'Cool. I will surely start advertising myself just like your dad and command my children to do same! :-) '

  6. Brilliantly put Zee. I think the issue we have is that we're caught up somewhere in between false humility and serious pride. Those are things we need to divorce our minds from to be able to announce ourselves.
    So so true that God announces Himself! All through the Bible, so true! "I am God and there is none glory I will not share with any other.." so true.

  7. fantastic dear. I love your bags.. Do you know i never knew about this. I love this post. Yep we should announce ourselves. No one will do it other than us.
    I am announcing myself big time next year.I cant wait.


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