Thursday, September 1

Zouzou is Back!

It is unforgiveable that the last blog I wrote (or published) was in July!!! A whole month of no blog?? What does that say of me?? Oya oya, ok, dont judge me, I have valid (or so I believe) reasons!

I was away, and I purposely didnt want to have to do anything with the internet per se...I realise that you love reading from me, but we must learn to 'fast' some things.

Well, this first blog is to tender my apologies. Please forgive an errant blogger :-).

It is good to be back, but while I put myself together to start publishing, are you guys pondering on the happenings around the globe? Do you still imagine that things are getting better?? (I say that because we have prayed and prayed and hoped that things would change for the better). Are we concerned or are we still about what to eat drink and put on?? Hmmmm, cause for concern oh! Never forget, the world is no longer large and big and wide and far! It really is very tiny, imagine spiral one is completely immuned from these happenings. I suggest you tighten your 'seat belt' whichever way you know how. My own is in prayer. Abi.

Be free......oh


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