Thursday, July 28

I do not particularly have a muse, or a preoccupation. I am not exactly in the mood to banter, neither have I come to speak big grammar (do I normally??). I have only come to this page to reiterate that the Lord God is on the throne and that He remains there. And that as long as we know He is there, no matter how bad, how dire, how challenging, how horribly terrifying the situation is, we have nothing to fear. As long as He remains on the throne. The day you feel that He has moved, then know it is all over! But really, if anyone has moved, we know who.
I stumbled on a station reading the news this morning, and from the moment I keyed in until the end, it was all bad news. BAD, from beginning to the end. But I thought, I am not in Oslo, I am not in the Philippines where not less than 50 people have died in a flood, I am not in South Korea where a fatal landslide have claimed lives; but I do have my own  share of challenges! However, I chose to believe that as long as He is on the throne, all shall be well.
I may not warrant His attention, He may not be pleased with me, the timing may not be right, but I appeal to His sovereignty, if He can make His one and only son die when I had no idea I even needed help, haba,  why not when I am aware that I need help; how can You not?
I have not come to tell a long story, just to reiterate (oh yeah) that the Lord is on the throne o, and I (you) have nothing to fear. Whether we understand it (actually because we don’t!), and because the waiting is so long, the soul is sick for hope deferred, rest assured that the Lord is on the throne.
Choose to believe, and be free oh.


  1. Yes oh my dear the Lord truly is on the throne.

  2. Very important to remember because in all the hustle and bustle and tiny issues that seem massive, it's so easy to forget...

  3. Just found your blog, this is a great thoughtful post.

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