Friday, September 2

What Do You Have?

I don come again. I am just going to pour out this muse, not caring about grammar o. Just catch the message all the scatter scatter.
Recently I started to ponder on this: please correct me if I am wrong, or let me know if I am the only one who feels this way; abeg, when you are facing great challenges, when it seem the issues are about to bury you, when you feel like you are sliding deeper and deeper into the dark, bottomless abyss of despair, is that when your strength to pray is at its maximum?? I do not agree with people who say that you pray more when they have issues. No way! That’s when the strength to pray departs, in fact, why did Paul say to strengthen the week knees and lift up feeble hands?? Why did God Himself encourage us to not lose hope but to have faith in Him?? Over and over He kept saying that. But we are all wired differently, so I may be wrong.
Moving on...I find that  when my issues are great  I lack the power to pray, however, I find that my entire being is praying! I am praying when I am driving, I am praying when am working, I am praying in my sleep, in short, I am praying without ceasing, howbeit, silently and in my heart! That’s why I read a very refreshing and very apt tweet recently about ‘soul being on its knees praying’…when the mouth cant speak...something to that effect sha. who said that again oh….?!  Shey the bible also says '...and the meditations of my heart be acceptable ....' and 'hear my cry O Lord.....when my heart is overwhelmed....lead me....'  Even David knew that there are times when strength fails.
Isa 41:3: this is my conclusion of the verse: that while it is dark, while the night is long, while the mountains seem so high you would never imagine getting through or over it, God says you have to give Him something to work with! Make straight in the desert a highway for the Lord. We all know what a desert is; barren, dry, with absolutely nothing. But now we are being told to make a highway…in a place where there is nothing? how??  A highway is a public road that connects towns and cities. In a barren and dry land, God is asking that you create something for Him, a connection with which He would in turn do vs 4…every valley, mountain etc will be made exactly what they should be and not what they have exalted themselves to be. I could quote many other supporting scriptures (rolling eyes) but I believe you get my drift! As if this is not enough, I read Victor Adeyemi’s status where he said ‘God only needs something to work with…’  a staff, a pot of oil…something.  We all have something to give. Is faith without works not dead?
So the ‘night’ is not the time to 'sleep' in weary despair, difficult though it definitely is, but to ‘push’ to give...something. If all you have is your prayer and praise, then give it. But you cannot be silent and expect ‘miracles’…even David cried in Psalm, ‘when I kept silent, my bones waxed old!’ Ps. 32:3.
Moses had a staff, the widow of Zarepath had oil, Peter had a voice, David had his catapault and stones, Paul…wetin Paul get again o?? E intelligent, ah, Abel had his sacrifice, even Samson had his strength; I say we all have something. Use it to make a highway for the Lord in that desert that you are in, before you die. Abi!
Sha o, your mouth cannot be shut!
(Better) be free oh!


  1. I agree with you that it is harder to pray when things are tough even though it may be the opposite for some people. For me, I try to use praises first to lift my spirit.

  2. So so true...I actually thought I was the only one experiencing this. Now I know - lol. It's funny though, how inspite of ourselves we meditate on Him, His word, and sometimes there is even praise when you just can't find reason to do so...




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