Tuesday, September 6

Red Alert!

Ehen! I come bouncing back but I wish I had good news. Wishing so seriously that I could talk about something cheerful! That I could be chirpy. That I could discuss my day and my personal moments. But I cannot! There isn’t anything to be chirpy about. The world is under siege. Can I say this enough? Are we feeling it or are we still so far removed?? Suddenly I do not want to read the papers or look into my twitter account anymore…they are all full of horrible news. But how can we fight the very cunning one if we do not know what he is doing??
I don’t know why I can’t get away from this, probably because it is not possible to get away from something that stares you in the face, that surrounds your being, that dogs your every step!

I believe our issues should pale in comparison to fires grazing 500 homes in Texas! To 14 (or more, never less) massacred in Jos! To Over 100 drowned in Ibadan, in Ibadan for heaven’s sake! Death toll in Japan storm rising to 47! Personalised hurricanes and storms are having a field day in America. I am sorry to bring evil reports to your doorsteps especially if you are unaware but, why would you imagine you are free??

I tried to escape into the Word yesterday, and even there, I found that battle and war abound. But I found that what we need, the strategy to employ in order to fight this siege is right there in the camp of the enemy….we have only to find the guts, the courage to up…and go there.
So, into the book of Judges I tumbled. And encountered the man Gideon.
He was going to go to war. God had trimmed his army down to 300 men (‘can’t let this thick- headed proud people think they won the war on their own strength,’ thinks God to Himself), and then told Gideon to go into the camp of the enemy and attack. However, He told Gideon, who by the way is afraid to fight because his army had just been trimmed  that:

‘if you are afraid to attack, go into the camp of the enemy with your servant Purah .and listen to what they are saying, then you will be encouraged to attack….’ Judges 7:9-14

Kai, God eh. There are no pretences with Him. I wonder why we think we should pretend with Him. I mean, it is ok to fear and be afraid, but what you do with that emotion is what matters…someone once tweeted…’it is ok to be afraid, just do it afraid’.
And so Gideon goes into the enemy’s lair and heard a friend recounting his dream to another friend who was the interpreter of their doom! Looool. Priceless, God is surely the greatest orchestrator! Gideon had to enter into the enemy’s stronghold to understand their end.
So I am escalating. This is a red alert, red flag. The tools we need surround us, because the enemy is everywhere…in music, on TV, movies, books, magazines, in fashion, everywhere…these are the self-same tools we need. This is no time to sit around wondering what to do! Employ the weapons at your disposal. They are right there. Deut 30:11-14.
So, #DOSOMETHING. This minute, right now: reach out to someone, get into your closet and gather clothes for victims, organize to feed people, find shelter for the homeless, make a call, join a group organizing for the less-privilege, send a text, write a blog or an article of those ideas exploding in your head, tweet peace, direction, solution, share thoughts on Face book, join a prayer group that calls on God for judgment and solution, get out of selfishness, NOW. Social media is one (if not the greatest in this 'e-age')  tools through which the enemy is having a field day….I say; that is the exact place to create a counter culture. DO IT NOW. Show up for Life.
If you think it big, you would never do it…start it the normal way…small.

It is not in error that this blog is in bright RED font oh!!!!!!! Tick Tock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you free? (*eyebrow raised*)


  1. my dear i agree with you 100% the world is turning into something else.

  2. Zee,

    My humble opinion is that we may be hearing a lot of bad news…my goodness, I never once thought suicide bombing would actually land our shores! … BUT.. we, as Christians we have to be doubly sensitive and still to where the Holy Spirit is taking us. There is so much information now that we are swamped with mind boggling stuff that probably never was available to our ancestors (yes, that includes the Caucasian imperial hordes) yet, what did Christ say? Are we to panic and start doing things to assuage our minds on what seems to be bringing us closer to something…I don’t know what – an unprecedented disaster, His coming, the revelation of the abomination in the Temple???… I had a panic attack yesterday just brooding about the gloom and doom in all aspects of our existence… you are right, our refuge is in the Word. To think people went through the holocaust in the 2nd World War. What would that be like now in this age, with the kinds of weapons available and the hatred that is deeper than what we have ever witnessed in all our existence. Do you think it’s by chance that a black man is the president of America? Do you see how they treat him? There’s something brewing all over the world and well, we ought to do things to help others in need etc…but we also need to be still and let the Holy Spirit tell us what’s up and lead us in the way. We are about to go through another symbolic Red Sea, those of us lucky to know the difference.

    Again, just my humble opinion.




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