Thursday, September 15


My very own people!
I am excited! Why, I am taking time off the world crisis (no cry, no deep stuff, no sense of urgency right this minute, please) to do ...stuff here. Dont judge me, I refuse to cry daily.
Today, I was going to talk about things like 'Wants, Needs and Desire" because in a space of a few hours (between last night and this morning), I heard/read many things on them and how they can be a deadly disadvantage if not properly balanced...but sits as 'draft' until one day!

First thing; I have a 16th follower!!! Yay! I am sure it is not easy to get peopel to read your blogs or 'gather' followers so I am grateful to all 16 of you who think I am worthy to be read! merci finitement.

Secondly, you would notice the blog is wearing a new look o! Ha, I just thought that I am not really a boring person so why should Zouzous Musing be boring! So a few new stuff; you would see I have a slot for Zouzou's picture of the moment, also the Leaning Tower, (which I was chanced to see recently) amongst other things. Enjoy.

Thirdly, I understand from very many people that they try to post comments on my blogs but are unable to do so. Its interesting because I just experienced the same thing. I  tried to comment on a friend's blog (, check it out) and couldnt even though I used to be able to. I now completely understand your frustration, my people. While I am trying (struggling, really) to sort that out, you could always email me your responses/comments and I will post them. Je vous remercie you see my email address anywhere?? Its

Fourthly (is that a correct word??), I want to thank you all for celebrating my mother with me. God bless you all, and I pray yo are all celebrated while you are all still here. Always try to Show Up for Life.

Now, let me bow outta here to go solve some technical blog issues! If you have the solution, please holler at me oh! Abi.

Next blog is going to be interesting, well from my own point of view sha, my friends never really agree with my (boring and weird) points of view.

Be free oh (I am trying to be!)


  1. Loving the new look and pic of the moment. Keep the fire burning ;-)

  2. yes o! lyk d nu luk n am 1 of d pple who has found it frustratin postin comments on ur blog!* big frown* but i stil go ahead 2 read all ur posts anyway....wuz lucky tho 2b able 2do so *yes!* 4ur dear mama (God continue 2rest her soul in peace ...Amen!) lukin fwd 2d nxt post. Kudos!

  3. Williams Shakespeare said: Love is a smoke made with the fume of signs,if plunged a fire sparkling in lovers eyes, if vexed a sea nourished with loving tears. Wat is it else? A madness discreet a choking gull and a preserving sweet.(Hovaca)


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