Tuesday, September 27

My Wedding!

Y’ello People!
I said that on a text I sent out recently, and a friend responded that she refuses to acknowledge anything that starts with a ‘Y’ello’…that’s because she works with Zain, so I sent her another one saying ‘Zaino, abi na Airtello!’ I guess I made her day because she Lol-ed so loud I fancied I could hear all the way from my house.
So, just in case you also work with Glo, I say ‘Glo-oo!!!’. Have I left you in stitches??

Lets go there....
Now, why haven’t I said anything all this while? Not slacking jare, neither do I have writers’ block (am I a writer?? Guffawing at me!!!!!).

I had my thoughts on wedding/engagement rings….hmmm, yes. Hey!! I have not ‘come again!’  I was just sitting my thing jeje in Church, normal service ongoing and for some weird reason, my mind went to rings. I wondered why. You may say it’s because I am thinking a lot about marriage. I say no, not a lot, I am thinking, but not a lot. You probably won’t believe me, but its fine. I have decided not to argue with you all anymore; it’s a waste of time, you believe you know me too well.

I recently decided to write out thoughts of what I would like my wedding to be…and yes, you are so right, it’s nothing like you imagine. Friends and family would say I have ‘threatened’ them so much and for so long they are no longer moved. I only pray to have my way. ..I pray! *hands clasped in fervent prayer*

Do you know, girls dream of their wedding day: the dress, the colour of the day, the food, the decoration, the cake, the aso-ebi for friends/family/colleagues/school mates (whew)…in fact, they have their ‘dream’ rings….it all really, really confounds me. But of course, by now you would have deduced that ‘normal’ does not cut it for Zouzou. However, just to throw people off guard, I recently decided to go ‘search’ for my own ‘dream ring’…it was an exercise in futility because, mehn! I gave up almost immediately! Ha!!! That is just not me.

So, about this ‘book’ in which I penned my thoughts of The Day, you would be surprised to learn that it ran into pages. I now know the kind of dress I want, and have in fact, compromised on the colour (you got it in one, it certainly isn’t going to be white. White ke?? But at least, it changed from green, blue, red etc. It still is not white tho). And the shoes!! Omg! The shoes!…my childhood friend, who is nothing like me,  who, compared to me, is quite demure, wore fuchsia pink shoes at her wedding…I therefore leave the colour of my shoes to your imagination. J. Oh, for those who are wondering about the head…who am I to say anything contrary to what you have in mind?? (Please, does anyone know where I can find emoticons for this blog?????)

I give up on the ring discussion. I wasn’t going to say I will not wear a ring. I will. Only not for the reasons you think! (I just had to go and spoil it shey??).

Lest this blog become too long….(Allow me to) be free oh!


  1. You're one funny lady! LOL...

    Your fantasy wedding sounds like a must-attend show.

  2. But, Myne! I haven't even described the wedding proper!!! I can't do that here, 'they' would kill me. Ha! (Tongue in cheek)

  3. If nothing else this is the wedding to be at, lol. Mmmmmm maybe the gifts will be_______ hahahahaha!!! (sigh) reception before wedding, and all the guest are required to wear flipflops (i think this is my dream). Icecream and cupcake bar, and we can play pin the tail on the groomsmen ;) lol! Cant wait zouz!

  4. You had my jaw dropping at 'wedding'! I was about to scream congrats when I fell right back to earth with the rest of the gist... *note to self ; always read through zee's stuff to the END, then make a comment...lol! Girly, you are my kind of girl. Difference is, I have NEVER dreamt of weddings as a girl. Which is why I am a strong believer in the registry, face the court and voila, married!



    Mary (Omo Jesu)

  5. Zouzou @ it again!!!

  6. We look forward with eager anticipation...Mandy really seems to be on top of things tho..with all these 'unusual' suggestions. Is she the secret wedding planner????
    For the shoes...I really wonder, maybe studded cobalt blue shoe boots? Hmmm...I reserve my guesses for the day itself!

  7. Guys! I honestly, really wwished I picked that title on purpose! I didn't!
    Having said that, I am surprise you guys think I would announce my wedding to you in this impersonal way!
    @Bookie: I had no idea Mandy was crazier than me o! Those are not in my (hidden) plans at all

  8. BTW, I just gave you the versatile blogger award in my latest post. Check it out and please pass it on.


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