Friday, May 20

Garage Sale (in aid of Charity)

I gats talk about it ke...however not??

May 7th 2011, the day we had long-awaited for the Garage Sale that we had planned since January, and one with which we (well, let me say, I) had generally irritated everyone by practically getting  in their faces. But you are all strong people; some of you were not even moved, I didn't get a single thing from some! Never mind, you have another chance in November....oops! B, did I speak too soon? Lool.

The Sale itself was great and uneventful! It was full of colour and gaiety and such fun...however, arriving at that was no small feat! I will not even bore you with details of the work involved in getting the items, and generally getting them ready for the day, the arrangements on the day itself....let me not go there). We had bagun to hunt for a venue since January oh so the Sale can happen on March 5th...we wanted a garden, but then that meant having to use someone's home...and we just knew that no one would be willing to open up their homes for a crowd of people they do not know, but...we sha had hope...the hope which was 'so defered' it made our heart sick! Very sick indeed.

Anyway, we kept praying and this went on for the next few months! We couldn't believe what God was up to! Haba! We were praying, and speaking to people!! Kilode?! Whither this venue for this Sale? Whither???

Then, of course (in His own time), He miraculously gave us Bibi's Cottage Restaurant, I mean, the owner literally told us to go ahead....and that's how we had a colourful day...(hmmm, reliving the day) men, women and children alike flooded this venue and we had fun, and such favour with the workers at the venue.
I promise to upload pictures subsequently (provided I know how to do that on this blog o!!!)

I use this opportunity to thank everyone who was part of it one way or the other, don't worry if you were not, as long as you are in my radar, you will do something for the Bliss Group ai! I can assure you that the next item on our Keep My Light in My Window Project is in the this, and other pages!

As always, I like to talk about what I take away from whatever I have been a part of; it was (once again, sigh) reiterated to me that God does His thing, in His cant rush Him, the one who is Timeless. We had despaired, we were ready to go pay 50k for a venue (imagine, we were raising money for Charity, and we had to give away 50k, painful, yes, but we felt we had no choice at that point), but on that same day, nick of time, we got this. Where in the Bible does it say something like '....wait, I say, on the Lord....' e hard but how for do?? How for do?
Personally, am still waiting for many things, the most important of which is a house (I cannot stop talking about this) but, even though we cannot explain why it hasnt happened, I will 'wait on the Lord' oh.

Show love to someone, be 'charitable'...a smile, a gift, a word, a hug, the charitable....the greatest of this is, of course, LOVE.

Enjoy the weekend...and be freeeeeeeee oh.

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  1. We thank the good Lord for His many mercies :-)...


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