Tuesday, April 5

Armed Robbers in My Home

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are saved.
Surely he would deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the noise some pestilence
He that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow              almighty
He has engraved me in the palm of his hand, my walls are ever before him
He shall cover me under his feathers he will hide me in his secret pavillion...
We shall not die but live
The Lord is a very present help in time of trouble

...These scriptures, and prayers and many more words were what poured out of me as I knelt, with my two sisters and brother, in the living room of my little apartment in the early hours of April 4, 2011, while at least 3 or 4 heavily armed robbers roamed around our bedroom.
We had gone to sleep about 11pm, unbeknown  to us, evil was lurking.
Suddenly, we heard shouts of 'open the door!' in yoruba, and came awake to behold men, flashing their torchlight directly in our faces (they had shoved open our bedroom window!) yelling at us! We all scrambled into the living room even as they began to slice through the burglary proof. Somehow I found the wisdom to remove the key and lock the door leading into the living room. 
All I could think about, even as we prayed, was what these men would do in their anger, after they had cut through the door to get to us, (one of them was already at the front door, trying to yank off the net door to reach the main door) 3 women in sleepwear..? But suddenly we heard them say again in yoruba, 'let us go, let us go'. And suddenly we were alone....

After we were sure they had gone, we ran out, and discovered just what it was God had delivered us from! They had spent 2 hours already at our  neighbours' room (we slept through all of this!) collecting spoil, they had raided my landlady of her cash and gold, had shot someone twice in the leg, one on the side, and had taken off three of another's toe with bullets...right inside her room...have you ever seen a roomful of one human being's blood?? Have you? This is nothing like you see in the movies! And what is more, my brother had actually returned home after midnight, while the robbers were already robbing one of the neighbours...what if he had walked right into them?? what if? What if?? What if???
What did we lose? One laptop, a hard drive, one gold earring, our purses. But, my jewelry case was in plain sight, my sister's  rolex watch, they overturned all our handbags, my perfume cupboard was thrown open, they checked my passport, threw our bags over, 3 blackberry phones were also lying around...none of these were taken.

Job 5.24: 'and you shall know that your tent is secure, you will count your property and none shall be missing.' My entire family is safe. I did not see the robbers, they did not see me. My eyes did not behold evil. The angel of God stood by us! He hid us in His secret pavillion according to His word!

I do not underestimate this great deliverance, I do not take for granted the protectiveness of God, some may think this is nothing, but the people who were shot do not have 3 heads, the ladies who were robbed do not have 3 heads, If you have never been robbed, if you have never had guns in your home by people who are not known to you, please bless God with us because that is an experience you can do without. I tremble when I remember, when I speak of it, when I think of it, and all they did was be in my home!!

I thank everyone who called, who prayed, who texted. Again I say, the kind of human support that God has given me is too unique, I am truly blessed, and I thank you all!

May He hide you in His secret Pavillion, always. May your walls ever be before Him!


  1. OMG !!!!!! God is really awesome and faithful. I can't even imagine it. He surely will protect His own. Thank God. I am so happy for you & your family. We thank God.

  2. Ma soeur, I'm speechless!!!! God is indeed faithful and I join you to thank Him for this miracle. Such experiences must not be taken lightly.

  3. This is just mind boggling. Reading it again, it's so surreal, it's such proof that our lives are only in God's hands, there's evil lurking everywhere. Thank you our Father for protecting your own. This will not be heard amongst us ever again by God's grace.
    We pray for healing both physical and emotional for all who were injured.

  4. Zee, thank God that you were hid in HIM throughout this ordeal.

  5. Thank you all for your comments.
    That song 'I have known the Father's care for me, He's been good, God's been good, through it all He's always there for me, God's been good to me!' reverberates and reverberates and reverbeares!
    The guy who was shot twice in the leg has had that leg amputated. We thank God he is alive!!!!

  6. Zeezee! I dont know what to say. I had to read this over to be sure I had read right! All glory be to God alone for hiding you and yours. I thank God for your lives cos you are right, this could have all gone so very wrong BUT our GOd raised a standard against the enemy.....Praise to his name. I rejoice with you cherie. Que le nom d Dieu sout loue a jamais!!!! Notre Dieu est vraiment misericordieux! Merci, God, Thanks you so much and father please in the name of your son, my saviour may this NEVER happen to Zeezee and her family every again. Amen!


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