Monday, February 28

The Season is Ending...(Inspired by Bookie).

Oh my! I have a deep sense of urgency right now! Where did this come from? Is it fear? I have to discern heart is beating, is this a good thing??

I hope this is a short one...I  am just wondering and pondering, I do not intend to  preach (okay, have I  deliberately set out to preach before now? No, it just happens!)

A few days ago, my good friend and 'Climbing Companion,' Miz Bee, yelled on our group chat that 'The year is ENDING, we gotta move Zee, 2011 is sloooooooowly slipping away!" and I thought, haba madam, why this cry about the year ending? Its just February. But then it hit me yestarday that the year really is oh, I became frantic! Its February, yes, but the year (season, I say)  is ending. What were my goals again? Did I write them? Are they in my head?? I was never any good with resolutions and goal-setting anyway, but I thought to do things very differently this year, something unprecedented you know, I am searching everywhere, looking up and down, frantically looking around me, wondering what I have achieved so far. Do I still know what I am doing? What have I done with Zouzou's Place Ltd? The goals for the 1st quater, have they been achieved?? Those ideas that pop in when I least expect, have they been  fully exploited? What about my personal ministry? (O Lord, what is that again??), have I done something there? How about my own personal convictions? My thoughts, my passion? My character? Am I still passionate about things and people? Do I still love and care? Do I draw the proper line in the proper places and at the proper time?  Am I still yelling and judgemental and strong headed?? (don't laugh or snicker o, ehen!) Have I taken a step back or forward? Do I still care about the 'relevant' people? Its been said, and I have read it entirely too many times this season, that you care only about those who care about you, and discard those who do not need you...this bothers me because I wonder where to draw the line...if I love and care only about the people who feel the same way about me, what makes me different and unique? Dont get me wrong, I am a strong advocate of  'delete off your page those people who are there as window dressing', they never contribute anything to your life, they are just there for show, however, I wonder what that kind of attitude will make of the message of the Cross? Did God really need us before He sent the Apple of His Eye, His one and only to come and die a gruesome (and mostly unappreciated) death?? You have to talk back to me on this. But, I am rambling again! (Little wonder my blogs are so long, rolling eyes).

Anyway sha, so, am thinking, and wondering: Am I in the right place? If not where should I be? Am I in season? (No tearing at (lack of) hair today..nah)....

BUT, Tick!!!!! Tock!!!!!! I need to increase faith, build more passion, launch out into the deep, work at those goals take those courses, write those things, make that thing happened...I absolutely, literally have to get moving! The season is at an eeeeennnnnnddddddd so, whatever you have to do, just do it! No approaching it from the resaons why it should not be done or why it would fail!

In fact, didnt the Bible say that 'the king's business requires haste?'....(I just had to quote a scripture!) :-)

Be free you (quickly) get moving..................


  1. My dear friend long time, but I am back.. Yes oh the year has almost ended. I just thought to myself I said I will publish my book this year. I haven't even started...oh God help me...loll...
    Anyways do take care and continue doing it, for you will surely succeed.

  2. Ibifiri: Publish that book! Lol! The NaijaSistas Book-Stop is waiting for you it!

    Zouzou: Every day, we should think the way you are thinking. Every day, we should think 'the year is ending......'. I am trying....So hard...but you are right....I need to get moving....more.....God, please be with wind beneath my sails....our sails.....please in Jesus Christ's name. Amen!

  3. Yes, Firi!! Just DO SOMETHING....just....DO! :-)
    @DNW: Comment vous allez?? Ca fait quelques jours...

  4. Ma chere Zeezee! Je vais bien! Dieu merci. Chez toi? Ca marche? Le travail? La sante? Le coeur? Tout va bien? I sure hope so.....Mwaah!

  5. I opened up ur blog and for some reason this popped up... more timely now than then, selah :)
    We could have done more but i think we have made some good steps, but its not over yet, Carpe Diem!

  6. Hiya Mandy!!
    I 're-blogged' it on purpose! I meant to add a note as to why but the internet (even on phone) has been such a frustrating challenge I am fit to tear out my hair!!
    This is so much more relevant than ever now!

  7. i think you having hair would be relevant to all this tearing u desire :P

  8. Be FREE OOO!!! and grow the thing!!


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