Wednesday, February 23

Kingly Invitations

People, David is still on my mind today, but in a different way. My preoccupation this morning is David/Barzillai, David/Mephiboshet and Caleb!!

Lets go there....

When Absalom staged that coup against his father and the latter fled, Barzillai was one of the people who was good to him. The bible describes him as 'a very aged man, even fourscore years old' (that would be about 80 years).
On his way back to Israel to reclaim his throne, David, in gratitude, invited Barzillai to 'come thou over with me, and I will feed thee with me in Jerusalem' Oh! what an opportunity, another open cheque for someone. But was what Barzillai's response? 'How long do I have to live that I will go....I am this day fourscore years...can I discern between evil and good? Can I hear anymore the voice of singing men and singing women? Why should your servant be yet a 'burden' unto my Lord the King?' and then went further to propose someone else for this great blessing! O M G...another sick man by the Pool of Bethesda! 

Enter Caleb: Remember Caleb? God, through Moses had promised him that 'wheresoever the sole of your feet shall touch, you will possess, you and your children' and when Caleb was in his 'fourscore and five years' he suddenly woke up and remembered that promise and said 'as my strength was then, so it is today, now for war, both to go and to come...' ready to fight a war at age 85? Surely you don't think he was going to just waltz in and 'collect' the cities? He was going to fight for them ....a complete contrast to Mr. Barz, who has completely lost his own sense of 'adventure', his taste buds, his hearing, his desire for 'life', he had no strength left to to go sit among, no, sit with The Mover and Shaker of Israel simply because he had allowed his energies to deplete with 'soft' living and because he sees himself as nothing but a 'burden!!". Worse, he said those things himself...jeez, reminds me of the children of Israel when they described themselves as (they thought) the sons of Anakim saw them....

Now for Mephiboshet: lame on both feet, he would, by all counts, be an embarrassment to the King and the Kingdom, because he was invited to 'sit at the Kings table, always', an embarrassment because world leaders would sit at this same table! But when that invitation came, Mephiboshet, though he had called himself a 'dog', accepted.

I pondered on these 3 men and I ask myself: Which am I? What am I missing? what have I missed because I gave all sorts of excuses??  Caleb? Barzillai? Mephiboshet? For Caleb, this was no longer about physical age, but about how he 'saw' himself inside. I CAN. We all know what an 85 year old man looks like, although remember what the bible said about them when they came out of Egypt? '..and none was feeble'...yes, they had something on the inside of them but before you say God himself made them strong! But, whatever God gives you, the ability to maintain it lies with who? Barzillai was a rich man who sat in his richies and grew soft. What am I missing? What opportunities, what 'mountains' and cities, what promises, what invitations am I letting slip away?? Which one am I?? Caleb, Mephi or Barz? I want to know!
Remember the blog about if God shows up and asks what He should do for you? (see the blog on 'What Do You Want'). An invitation came to two people, and a promise to one person: different reactions, one rejected it, the other accepted and lived, I dare say, a 'fuller' life.

I know there are doors, ('a great door is open...') opportunities are there, invitations (have) are coming: am I prepared? Did God not cause a whole King to be insomniac just because He wanted to bless a man? It cant be different  for me! I am that close to His heart, BUT would I see this when it comes?? Would I? Would you?

Be free sit at the King's table...first, in your thoughts.


  1. Ok this is da BOMB! Amazing and how sad it is to think of the wasted years/oppurtunities we have had... Good thing as this blog points out is that it is never too late to begin again!

    Thanks for another wake up call Zouzou...

  2. Eunice adeyemi-showunmiFebruary 24, 2011 at 10:48 AM

    Amazing....... Thank you for the nudge. You showed me things I had never seen and that I had forgotten. God Bless U

  3. Zou u are smoking...waooh keep it up girl...Millicent

  4. Zee u are a leader anytime u were called u answered and the promise is sure to locate u

  5. Wow, Ladies, you encourage me with your kind words...Millie...word o! (and am running away!!)

  6. Another awesome one, Zainab!!

    I'm truly blessed. Keep 'em coming!



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