Wednesday, May 4

....then, do Something

As some of you know, I follow Emily P. Freeman of Chatting at the Sky. Emily has this slot on her blog posts where once a month she writes on 'What I learned Last month' and invites all and sundry to share. I confess that laziness kept me from putting my thoughts on there...but let me share it here with you. Very simple. Teeny tot...

Recently, I learned that though I should pray about everything (and I like to add 'no matter how small'), I really must go a step further by adding works to faith - 'faith without works is dead' and all, you know? For more than a decade, I have had to put up with this painless 'infection' on my toenails, one worse than the other. It is a 'long straight tear' down the nail, and no matter how fast they grow, they 'tear' off and look really unsightly. 

Now, the strange thing was that it never occurred to me to seek treatment for this problem. I prayed about it. Yeeesss...I prayed...and prayed, and watched the problem persist...then prayed some more. I never researched the problem, never thought to seek medical help, never discussed it with anyone, nothing, just moaned and prayed.
Then one day, I was with my sister in Brussels and we saw an advert for the treatment of toenails, we looked at each other in wonder and decided to try it out. 

To cut a long story short, I cannot believe the transformation and repair of my toenails in two short weeks! Then I got upset with myself. How is it we are so ignorant and suffer needlessly? The fact is that we have all that we need to resolve a problem, if only we would wake up to the fact. I didn't have to have suffered through the displeasure of a less-than-perfect toenail for so long. God is never going to show up in person to solve our problems. Pray, YES, but He has given us brains to think, and tools with which to work things out, but He blesses those steps as we take them. That is my own understanding, again. 

Lest I bore you with long readings, this is about my toenails, but then again it is not. Whatever it is you are obsessing about, perhaps its time to have a chat, perform a Google search, take some simple practical step, and then all will be well with you, and I dares say, the world!

Be free oh.

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