Thursday, September 3

Do You Have a 'Denis?'

I sat down to my evening meal yesterday and was about to dig in when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it was ‘Denis’. He always calls. I rolled my eyes and ignored the call, then dug into my meal, forgetting about him. For the moment.

But who is this ‘Denis?’ He is a young man that worked as a Man Friday (for want of a better description) at one of the places I used to live, and ever since we moved out, (about 6 years now) Denis, would call from time to time, like clockwork. I mostly ignore his calls, but when I do take it, his narration is always the same: he is only calling to say ‘hello’ and while at it, he would apologize for waiting that long to call, then go on to ask about my family (those he knows), by name and…call ends. Always the same. 

But while I ate, I kept thinking about him and something struck me for the first time: DENIS NEVER ASKS ME FOR ANYTHING. So why is it I never expect or wish to take this call? Why would such an innocent call irritate me? Have I become so independent, so ‘un-needy’ and so insular that being checked up on is so unwelcome? I felt terrible when I allowed these thoughts to filter through my mind. Our life is full of a mix of people (I know mine is). God put them there to give us some balance. If we are expending ourselves in some areas, perhaps God is saying, I care for you, find pleasure and peace through this ‘Denis,’ to remind you that you are loved, and thought about in great affection. Yes yes yes, that is absolutely what I think is happening here. We need community and Denis, (along with with so many like him: the Bogas, the Saturdays, the Fridays, the Iks, the Solomons, aka Solo etc) are part of my community! 

Needless to say, I called Denis back, and the conversation this time was very different. I responded very warmly, and I believe he would have been pleased, that is, if he ever noticed that I was a tad cold on  the previous calls! 

Food for thought: What do people think when your name show up on their phone? I wonder if their faces light up in pleasure, or if they grimace, hiss and roll their eyes? I would feel terrible if I thought that was the reaction my name gets. 

Do you have a 'Denis?' I hope that your disposition towards him (or her) would change from today, and that you would make peace by being the one to call them up for once.

Be Free Oh.


  1. Awww, quite a true and touching narrative! May our hearts overflow with gratitude for the Denis' in our lives...


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