Wednesday, March 11

IWD: Who Are You Celebrating?

A few days ago I wrote a whole page on the International Women’s Day but left the draft to breathe for a while. By the time I came back to it, I knew I shouldn't post it because it was all wrong.

Sure I had written about The Woman. How not many of us are appreciated enough, if at all, about how, if we have never been celebrated for the things we do as women in our family, work place, community, group etc., perhaps it was time to be the one actually celebrating others without airs, without condescension, without sizing one another up because we do this sometimes. Woman to woman. Lets face it, we women don't like each other.

But then I thought that we shouldn't even concentrate on us us this time. I felt that the very people we should celebrate are those who have no idea what the ‘International Women’s Day’ is all about. I thought, how can we make their day? How can you and I let them know that their daily struggles, their challenges, their very life is appreciated? Our drivers’ wives, our security/gateman’s wife, the young ladies who clean and serve us in the office, our favourite customers in the market and shops, the stewards that clean our homes, our nannies – those women we (sometimes) never really seem to notice, lest think about.

What have we got that we can give? The things we can do ought not to cost us much; it should cost us something because sometimes a free gift is just that, free. Gives you nothing else in return, no feeling of ‘accomplishment’, pleasure or satisfaction. But the very least we can do, for those who don’t believe in ‘free gifts’, is give (that word again) a smile to let someone know that though they may seem to be in the background, their impact is felt through all they do. In fact, you may just say their name for once. You will be surprised at the reaction!

These are women who may never know that we are celebrating a day dedicated to our gender because they don’t read the papers, they don’t receive our BB broadcast messages, they don't receives emails, they are not online to read about offices and organizations that are giving kudos to women to celebrate their womanhood and achievements, what’s more, they are not invited to the conferences and summits that celebrates them.

This is the group of women to whom I dedicate this year's Women's Day celebration.  

I hope I have piqued your interest and steered your thoughts in the right (and new) direction.

I plan to do. I hope you do. I wish we would all do. Something.

Be free oh.

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  1. We say thank a big thank you to these unseen women who make life easy for us. Welcome back Talatu


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