Thursday, September 18

Take a Minute

Somewhere in Mauritius - picture taken off Google.

I came here to say two things:

First, I had to post this photo again (it has featured somewhere on this blog in the past) because it gives me a sense of peace. Seeing all that green and blue assures me again of life. And every time I am experiencing anything painful, like taking an injection), I disappear into this scenery and the pain is ...gone!

Secondly, I realized that the reason why I take so long to post a blog is because I have reduced this space to a place where everything I write is/must (be) serious. No more laughter, no jokes because the world is burning. Because there is pain. Because evil abound.

But the fact is that these things are expected. They have been predicted. And as much as it is painful to know, to experience, life must not be allowed to pass us by. In fact, all the more reason to live and laugh, and to appreciate each day that we are able to walk out of our homes, and walk back in. And to not dare to be ungrateful for that.

So, like Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky loves to say, 'take a minute, and let your soul breathe' and I add: 'allow the beauty and peace of that photo sink in and wash over you.'

Be free oh.

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