Tuesday, July 9

2013: How Far?

You know how I don’t like to be bound by ‘time’…as in, being boxed in time and feeling we are not achieving much because the 'year is coming to an end,' or like 'time is running out' etc. Funny thing is, we really never take time out to think, oh, I have achieved so much in so little time! We are usually too quick to point out the reverse; we panic because ‘time’ seem to be running out. And in fact, time does not do what it is not supposed to do! It ought to move…and so it does.

Well, the year is half-way gone (if you are looking in the physical that is) and so much, absolutely so much has happened to and for me. I cannot but announce that God has proven, yet again, that He is there. And prayers, very many prayers said in pain, in discouragement, in weariness have, and are being, answered. The sweetest of all is that those prayers we say half-heartedly, and which we usually forget we have said, gets answered.  And while it has not been all about laughter because we suffered the death of a loved one; I still have reasons to be thankful, even in that pain itself. 

If you are not like me; if the year is half-way gone and you still can’t ‘see’ anything, I can only say, hang on; one man’s 38th year at the Pool of Bethesda is another’s 1st year. Be assured that God has not, and will not abdicate His throne. He sits unmovable.

Me, I am a walking testimony, and you would do well to attach yourself to me! *big grin* 

Be Free Oh.

Want to jump in??