Wednesday, June 19

"Be Yourself"

This is the counsel we hear and read about all the time. They tell you that the only way to be happy is to 'be yourself' because trying to please everyone all the time is a recipe for disaster. If only it were easier done than said!

If you are the type who always give in mostly 'for the sake of peace,' how is that working for you? I would be unhappy most of the time. I vividly recall two occasions when I am (now) grateful that I did not give in to the need to say yes just to please the other (older and important) party; if I had done, I certainly would not be here today, blogging for you to read! My life would be inconspicuous, a sad and ordinary little person with no dreams, no story, stuck in other people’s expectation; a small-time, very miserable teacher in some remote village!

Early on in my life there was a great pressure to work and help family…I knew it was a bad idea...I mean, I had plans…I wanted to go to the University, and I wanted to have a Masters’ degree immediately after. But, family needed help! Work for a while, then continue school later…it was far from tempting, I did not want to do it because I knew I would be in so deep it would be difficult to extricate myself and go on with the life I dreamed for me, so I declined. No, thank you.

There was also this time when I offended someone I greatly respected because I said no to an intervention that I knew would be bad for me. I would have been stuck in a marriage, the thoughts of which, even now, leave me with goose bumps if I hadn't found the strength to 'be myself.'

There are times when we take decisions that leave our heart thumping in fear, other times we may find peace. Not all decisions may turn out to be the right one, but it is better to jump, than not to have attempted to jump at all, because you want to please someone else. You only end up hurting yourself.

I am not advocating that we be stubborn mules just for the sake of it, but to know what you want and to be able to defend it. I say being predictable sometimes is not such a bad thing. Be yourself for the right reasons and in the right circumstances. 

Love God, love yourself, love people; have no regrets.

Be free oh.


  1. wise as usual. True word indeed. Enjoy the rest of your week, dear.

  2. Be yourself. Like Yourself. Love yourself. Be content with yourself now even as you seeking to become a better version of yourself than you were the day before (as per God's book not the world's).......On point Zee. On point.

  3. In the last few weeks,I have been thinking and realized I make choices like someone who does not have a choice or has no power to choose. But the truth is I am choosing; I am always making a choice. Now my prayer is that I am reminded with every decision that I will have to deal with the choices I am making, consciously or unconsciously, and that I have the power to choose; I can say yes or no and not just accept whatever comes my way.


    1. That we now know is power in itself. Go!!


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