Tuesday, May 28

Zouzou's Musings: Enter the New - Reblogging it!!,

Zouzou's Musings: Enter the New: I don't know about you, but in the last few weeks,  my thoughts have not dwelled  in the literal terms of one year ending, and another...

Monday, May 13

Take a Minute

Never, since I have been following her blog, (http://www.chattingatthesky.comhas Emily's  catchy 'take a minute, let your soul breathe' that introduces her blog spoken to me like it did this morning.

You know the feeling you get when you deliberately and consciously pray about things and then you set out bright and early, all positive-energy- exuding, ready to dive in and take the bull by the horn? And then when it comes right down to it, nothing works? Frustrating.

It happened to me this morning. My lips started to tighten and quiver, my heart started to beat faster, I was so upset I felt that I could physically hurt the people whose responsibility it is to get things working but apparently have no handle on things! Why does this happen he time? And to think that the first few things I said to  people very early in the morning was 'the Lord is on the throne, so no shaking' Haha. These things tend to fly off your head the moment you hit a snag.

Anyway, I did my best to concentrate on and achieve other things while I waited for this situation to untangle itself. I confess it took a while and I just could not snap out of it. I prayed. Why would such a simple thing not work, on a Monday morning, this early on a Monday morning?' Complain complain complain...

Then, Emily's word popped into my head: 'take a minute and let your soul breathe'...so I took a short walk away from my desk, got myself back together and even though the problem is unsolved even now, here I am sending this blog out to you, heart rate normal...

I hope you take a minute too. After all, the Lord is on the throne, no shaking. Gbam.

Be free oh.

That photo of a resort in Mauritania (Courtesy Google) always soothes me...

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