Monday, October 22

My Weekday Morning

My Corner...

Have I been gone long?? Many waters have passed under the bridge o! :-)
Well, I chose to get away from the horrors going on around the world and talk about my typical weekday morning routine! J

Photo Courtsey Xavier
You know how you have some ritual going in your day/life sometimes? I guess I am no different!
Every morning when I arrive at my desk; I place my hand bag and laptop bag on my desk, whisk out my tiny purse of keys, phones, and iPad, all in that order. I connect my laptop to its docking station and then I plug in my earpiece. Phones are positioned just so, and iPad unobtrusively so I can work it without having to move it around. I arrange all the documents I need to work on  in a file, on the desk, then I go get my inevitable cup of tea and then the joy of the day begins: music. If I am at my desk and the earpiece is not in my ears, I am completely bereft, like something critical is missing and indeed something is!  Actually, sometimes, especially when I move around a lot, I realize at some point that the earpiece is in my ears but nothing is playing! lol. Many a time too, I have disrupted the peace on my floor because in my swiveling around, the earpiece pops out of the laptop  and music fills the air! I am sure my colleagues roll their eyes at such times, Lol!

What I listen to depends on my mood; when it is raining, I automatically switch to classical (a habit I developped years ago and that's become like religion!) otherwise, it is either my favorite Jazz radio station (the French or the English one), or I put together a playlist from the collection on my laptop; sometimes I am in the mood for Enigma or Enya (could be when I am depressed, hmm, you would think that should depress me further but hey! *straight face*) for now though, my present preoccupation is the Maranatha Singers, the 'Old Skool' gospel songs, and you wont believe it, I even found a CD of (the Ibo Nigerian) 'Voice of the Cross' (who remembers them? 'Good morning Jesus, good morning Lord??) but whatever the case, there has to be music in my ears. What is life without music? I can’t imagine it.

Whatever the case, the two things that are never missing in my day? Music and tea. :-)

My typical work day routine! What’s yours?!

God Bless Nigeria
 Be Free Oh.

Monday, October 8

Whats Going On?

A lot going on.

And it occurred to me that a lot  has been going on since forever! Since forever! Should we stop talking about them? Dare we not talk about them? Should we get used to them? Shrug them off as being normal because they have become a daily occurrence? I say God forbid!

When you listen to songs we heard when we were young and growing up...and here I am in my (early) 40s o, you would wonder what the next few years holds, not just for Nigeria, but for the rest of the world. I am reminded of Marvin Gaye's song 'What's Going On', released in 1971, 40 years ago. Also Christie Essien-Igbokwe's 'Hear the Children Crying' mention a few. If this was the case back then, if 40 years ago Marvin Gaye was asking 'what’s going on', then how bad would it be in the future?
Need I list the things that have been going on here in Nigeria? Should we mention the fact that the nation is being slowly swept away (literally and otherwise) by flood, with little or no emergency response? Should I mention the blatant massacre of students in Mubi, North of Nigeria? Ought I to talk about the latest: lynching of students in Port Harcourt over the weekend? I heard this went on for about 6 hours! 6 hours, people! Let us forget the debate about whether they are armed robbers or cult members, jungle justice in the 21st Century?! I didn't click on the video, I saw the photos, and my heart bled imagining the pain they went through. From one of the photos we saw a young man in the process of slamming a piece of wood one of the students, and people standing motionless, watching.

You know what I would like to know? Who were the people taking photos? Who made the video??! Who recorded it? I say the video be traced, and whoever it was be questioned as to what exactly happened...on another note entirely, when people decide to put pictures and videos on the net, they should be held accountable, especially in situations like this, because they are do you solve or get to the bottom of a case if you can’t find someone to tell you how it went down?!

This is my muse, on a Monday, no less.

What a time we live in.

God Bless Nigeria...and

Be free oh.