Tuesday, November 6


Hello people!

I hope its all going well in your various spheres??

Ok, I had to reblog this post! If you read my comment below it you would understand why I couldnt possibly put you through another Naija long story! Please Click here et bonne reception. :-)


  1. Lol Zainab it didn't chase me away. It's an eye opener? I have had this pressing need for us bliss ladies to do something in the medical field. At least lets start with women who just gave birth. Give them baby supplies to go home with. Have a lactation specialist teach them how to breast feed cos trust me its hard. And finally have a counselor be there for them those days when they want to just go crazy n leave the baby alone. Hope we can do it. Www.secretlilies.blogspot.com. Miss u loads

    1. My dearest Phiri!
      Thanks a mill for not running away! Looool!
      And your comment just really warms my heart. It is something no one may readily think about, but all the more appealing to me, I prefer to do the 'unpopular' Lol@ leaving the baby! I no dey oh!!
      I am sure 'Pastah' will take up on this sha...

  2. Loool @ leaving the baby. I really like the sound of this, I know there's a major need in this area because my former company invested (and still invests)millions in a similar initiative. We should talk more about this and see what we can put together, however small.


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