Thursday, August 23

It's Only a Car

This is about my car, and the, not accident, probably something worse that could have happened but which we now will never know. Much like sleeping and waking up.

And after I have told you what went amiss, it wouldn’t matter if you analyzed it and thought that it wouldn't have been that bad (one of my friends already brushed  my concerns aside, but you see, he didn’t see beyond 'the car'). TD Jakes once preached that 'Nothing Just Happens' and I completely agree. After all, we always say that life is a stage, and we are all actors, howbeit acting an unseen script!

So, I have had this car for a little over 2 years, and me, correct somebody that I try to be, I diligently serviced the car when I should, have the correct papers, and generally keep a good eye on this possession. Fast forward to when the novelty of 'new' had worn off, and I would say, due to unforeseen circumstances, I started to slack off. Finally the car had had enough! A few days ago it started to cry and spurt and gargle and screech (you know how your ears are attuned to every sound your car makes, how you are able to tell every tiny foreign sound?) so for my car to emit this alien and strange....cry, for want of a better word, I was in a panic...well, not really, and not yet. That evening I decided to clean out the interior and while I was at it, thought to go the whole nine yards...upon opening the bonnet and the engine oil thingy, guess the sight that met my astonished eyes? It was dry! As in, COMPLETELY DRY!! No engine oil!  Goodness me! Aghast, I told myself I would drive it to work and get one of the drivers to go put oil in it. Careless. Careless. Careless! That night, I had a strange dream...long and short, do not drive that car. Of course, one may argue that dreams are always about the thought one went to sleep on…hm, your own argument, and it is fine. I saw that when I put the car on drive, it shot backwards, and when I put it on reverse, it shot forward and all sorts of other drama! Knowing very well that that was definitely not the manufacturer's intention when he put the car together, I had better read between the lines of this dream and take heed!! Next morning,  the voice of another friend, when I pinged to let him know what was up with the car, echoed almost exactly I ominous, 'do not move that car one inch before you have had an 'expert' check it' seemed to be the consensus.

Needless to say, the report of the mechanic was enough to cause my eyes to bulge, and my ears ring...omg, you mean I have been driving around with that?!

Imagine for a moment that this is not about the car, but about life. Think about the careless way we sometimes go through each day and how much we trivialize the things that really matter. Think about how we procrastinate on things that demand, and rightly so, our immediate attention. The damage we cause daily by doing or not doing what we ought to, the consequences of which may not be immediately apparent, but given time...oooh what a mess! Imagine the loss of time and resources, all of which could have been avoided, if only! It really is about discipline, and taking personal responsibility.

This simple lesson on a mere possession taught me yet again, to consciously do the right thing and always at the right time, of taking responsibility, of being vigilant enough not to give place to the enemy...not one single tiny chance! It is like diligently following a doctor's prescription, and failure to do so may not always mean the situation will not get better, it may, but whatever it is will return when least expected to bite where it hurts the most.

And you know the beauty of it all? I have this amazing and awesome knower of all things who is willing to tell me, and lead me in exactly the right way so I don’t grope and stumble. 'You shall hear a voice behind you saying, this is the way, walk in it...'  Isa 30:21. Who knows what garbage we carry around daily, like a bomb waiting to explode at the most inopportune time. We don't have to do it blindly, oh no.  But, the question is, do I really give Him the time of day? Do you?

This is not about the car...but about the car!

Be. Free. Oh


  1. both the car issue and the life issue.

  2. Replies
    1. I 'milzed somebori!' Welcome back!

  3. Yes,counting calories and steps for our bodies.....yet paying no mind or not enough mind to our spirit-fat....counting hair follicles and checking skin pigmentation but not taking the energy to check the thin-ness or blackness of my is what we do. But God will help us....

    1. You too speak my mind o! Ha!!!

    2. Let us just accept it. We are spirit sisters in Christ. Lol!

  4. The damage we cause daily by being obsessed with mundane things. Just a thought... I need to do an MRI to check what's going on in my brain. I need to review my spiritual life.

    1. Ah, another dimension to the post! Lets not even go there; most of us think that actually going for check-up spells 'lack of faith.' Hmmmm, God didnt create us to be stupid, I know that for sure. Physical as well as spiritual check up must take conscious (I like this word) effort! Check your spirit, check your body!Be careful sha!


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