Friday, August 31

2 Days of 'Free'

*jumping excitedly and waving at new followers* Welcome! Glad to have you!

It is Friday, woohoo! TGIF, right? Hopping from one foot to the other and generally flying in the air, right? Most people welcome this end of the week with such pleasure and acute relief (you would think they were caged and in torture all week!) I try to imagine what the bosses think of this reaction. 

However universal this reaction though, I am sure there are  one or two people who can do without Friday as much as I can (really) do without Monday! But, please, who detests Friday? Who??
Oh, and by the way, Friday is already weekend in the Middle East! They must have this reaction on Thursdays.. TGIT hmm... :-)

Free or not, the days can only be as free as you make them. I find it hard to reconcile the joy that Friday brings with how the days following are so packed  full of events that you see people flitting from one place to another, literally breathless, so much so that by Sunday, they have hardly had a moment of rest and are so thoroughly exhausted but would gladly do it all over again! Its  like a vicious circle, if you ask me. I have a friend to whom I say, (at the end of whatever event or meeting we both attended during the 2-days of free) 'go straight home' because knowing her, she would be everywhere, doing stuff and being a busy bee (no pun intended there! Lol!). Come Monday, when the customary 'how was your weekend' greetings come, we all respond shortly, 'short.' (now, pun intended!) Is it any wonder? 

So, what are you guys up to this WE? Me? I intend to 'mind' myself, and sit at home! Yeah, my favourite place. :-)

Musing...just musing...

Be free oh.

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