Monday, May 14

Whose Am I?

The duchess of my life.
I own me.
Or do I?
If not I, then who?

Princess of me
I own me
Or do I?
If not I, then who?

Be there a king or prince somewhere?
Whose name is like poured out perfume?
When does he show?
Do I wait?
If yes, for how much longer?

While I do,
What do I do?
Preen? Pamper? Prepare?
Live? Love? Be?

Be what?
What he expects me to be?
What He created me to be?
What me desire me to be?

Whom do I please?
At the end of the day?
While I wait for love?
Him, him or me?

I own me.
Or do I?

- Zouzou 2012

Be Free o.


  1. Hmn… I like. Thought provoking.

  2. You do own thee. But then again you do not.
    Actually, it is all up to thee
    Own or be owned
    For at the end of the day my love, you will see
    That regardless of what thee thought, He who
    created thee, owns thee, he and all in between
    So be free!
    In the truth I know you know
    In Him.

    I love how you do what you do Zee!

    1. DNW! I LIKE!! I like. 'Own or be owned'....I LIKE! Thank you for this wonderful 'poem-comment!' Loool!

    2. Lol! What can I say. Zee inspires me.......

  3. Replies
    1. Me too Ronke!!!! I am so tickled by it!! Omg....Lol.


    Mary Omo Jesu


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