Tuesday, April 17

How Adventurous Are You?

I have adventure on my mind. I have been wondering how to blog it or what to say, but nothing sticks, so I am just going to tap away at the keys and let my fingers do the talking.
What is an adventure? I have to go look it up so we don't lose the meaning of the word in this discussion! Before then though, off the top of my head, I say an adventure is something (usually risky) that your heart and soul longs to do in your lifetime; something of a dare, and which may not necessarily meet any one's approval!! Oops!
The dictionary defines adventure as: a chance, a risk, a danger, something you do, the outcome of which you do not know. Hmmm, sounds really serious, doesn't it??

Anyways, I guess that in the light of the above, we couldn't classify going on a cruise, visiting 6 countries in Europe as an adventure, right? Neither can we say disappearing to the island of Malabo, alone, not in a group of 10, duh as an adventure?? How about travelling all the way to Sri Lanka?? Alone??

Ok, fine, you see how very boring my life is? Gats spice it up. Gats do something! I cannot have children and grandchildren and have nothing to tell them! So what do I badly want to do?? NOT climb mount Kilimanjaro, or swim through an ocean, or trek through the desert of course! Nor go someplace primitive where all we do is eat roasted lizard sitting in the open, or some eeeww-ish thing like that! But what? I think what I really want to do is visit all the hidden, little-or not-talked about places first in Africa, then all over the world. So when you tell people you went to some tiny town in Austria, they go 'huh?'. That gives me a kick!

So, what adventures have you had? What do you desire to do? Where would you like to go? What is that burning thing (maybe we ought to leave the word 'adventure' out of it) on your mind you always wished you could do?? And if you have had an adrenalin-pumping experience, please, pray, share with us mortals! Who knows, it may that that in giving your adventure-desire voice, it comes alife!

Be Free oh.....and get a life! *impish grin*

Oh! Feel free to 'anonymously' comment!

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Tuesday, April 10

Are You Free?

Question: Are you free?

Loaded question, but again, I ask, ‘are you free?’ Truly, truly free?? I am not sure I am. Actually, I know I am not.

Acute discontent, utter disatisfaction and lots of questions. Why I am still so bound, for someone who claims (who strongly desires) to be free, why am I not free, why do I feeI so tongue-tied, so boxed in? Where is the key to this box? Is it in some bottomless pit someplace, never to be found? Why is it so difficult to break free?? Why am I clawing my way out of this airless box, unable to break free? Why? Who has taken my freedom? Why can’t I say no, yes, maybe? Why am I thinking so hard of the consequences of my response? Why does it matter? Why do I find myself thinking about your (yes, you) feelings? Why, eh? These thoughts are coming so hard and so fast they give me such a nasty headache.

I find myself singing ‘I wanna be free, free like a bird’, but I fear there is no solace there either. Where do you draw the line? How do you find the balance so you don’t ruin a friendship, a relationship, or worse, your reputation? (again I ask, why is that important?). Sigh. Why have we chained ourselves, hands and foot, proudly resplendent in our orange prison garb??

Why are we so different from the Jesus we profess to follow? Why are we constantly judging everyone around us? Why is everyone else wrong but we are perfect? Always pointing fingers, conveniently ignoring the huge log in our eyes; in fact, how we are able to see the speck in the other person’s eyes amazes me. Do we even stop to think that the people we judge are actually silently crying for help? That their very action is just a way of covering up some deep yearning, a search for something even they cannot explain?

Jesus sat and dined with all sorts of people! What gives us the right to sit in judgment over them? There is even a scripture to this effect, but let me spare you; we quote too many scriptures we dont believe in. Have we been so ‘brainwashed’ it’s become difficult to find our way back to the surface of reality? The Jesus reality? To take and relate with everyone with the innocence of a child? To be free in truth? I just tire. Ki lo de gan?! I am exhausted trying to ‘show’ good example when all I want to do sometimes is fold my hands and really pout like 'Morenike!' Lol. 
Sick of wearing this mask, suffering in silence, unable to live. Ha. It was for freedom we were set free now...

Ok, I don vent finish.

Yikes…but I still have to say it…

Be Free Oh.

Want to jump in??