Wednesday, February 8

The 'Now' Factor

These are not random thoughts.
I  hope it leaves you thinking.
And yes, my promised post on Fear will come....hang in there!

I read this morning (in that very faithful My Daily Bread Devotional! Lol), that if there were a contest, in this day and age, between the virtues 'best' and 'fast', 'fast', will definitely win...and that despite the 'fast' life, we are getting nowhere, fast! I thought, that was true, and I am sure you agree with me.
Everything in our lives have become about speed...fingers snapping, feet tapping…waiting is punishment, have you seen people on queues, doctors waiting room etc….uncomfortable because they have to wait...getting everything in the shortest possible time, every single thing from food, to relationships, to meetings, to music, to fashion etc is the only way these days....if it doesn’t  happen NOW, it is not worth waiting for! Our food come in packages we throw into the microwave, heat it in a few minutes and next thing, we are wolfing it down, standing right there in the kitchen. Our mothers in the village are appalled that we now serve soups bought from Supermarket freezers…how?! How many family eat together?? Actually everyone eats different foods at meal times so, is it any wonder some family values are almost non-existent?

Whatever happened to peace, quiet, tranquillity? No one can even remember or imagine the days when we sat quietly under trees (who sees trees anywhere these days??) having a drink, reading, gisting or just plain enjoying the breeze?
What has happened to our world? Where are we rushing to? No wonder we don’t even have time to trust God Himself anymore because, mehn!! He is sooooo slow!! We pray, oh we do o, but only as a tradition because no sooner are we out of the prayer mode than we are pursuing some other ways of sorting out our issues….gats have it right away, mehn.

Do you see the speed with which people get engaged and marry? It is now acceptable because people look at you strangely and  ask  what you are waiting for when you tell them your wedding is in a year...eyebrow raised in astonishment, they ask what in heaven you are going to do when a 'faster' somebody snatches him from right under your nose, abi na eye!

According to my devotional, God, is deliberately taking His time (I won’t say being slow, because obviously our understanding of that word is flawed, duh) to give us time to not die in the many unsavoury things we find ourselves doing!!! The 'slow' pace is for our own good....can we please learn some patience??
I am totally speaking to myself.

(Better) Be Free Oh.


  1. This post paints such a true picture of the world today. Sometimes I think all of humanity has lost the understanding of how to live, such that even if you know that this is what to do, you just look and feel alien. So it really takes determination to take your life back and live it the way you want.Really setting yourself free from the shackles this world just places on people, kai.
    So help me God

  2. LOL@ faster somebody. Its true Zee, forever I've thought about going on a quiet picnic by myself and chill, drink some lemonade, under a tree at the park.. but wait the long walk, mosquitoes, sandflies and long journey home, i cud just have a sprite and watch monk instead, I'm totally microwaved. I think the first step is to eat at a dining table and not standing up in the kitchen. tanks Z

  3. Ok, I just re-read this post and I must say: I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!


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