Monday, July 4

Wetin You Carry??

I gats share this experience I had last week. I really wish it was funny!

You see, shey everyone has something they can never do without, something they must always have on their person, abi? My own is my handbag. I am totally lost without it. I am not lost without my phone like some people o. Nah. But the handbag? L O S T. I need everything in my bag, at any point in time, so safer to have it at all times. (Voila pourquoi I dislike purses, too limiting).

So last week I went to the embassy. Hmn. I have refused to think about this thing, and have begged God to, in His infinite mercy, mercy because it was just plain silly, smooth over the error of 'handbag forgetfulness!'
Eh hen, so I went to this embassy o, where,  for some reason, my name was not on their list,  and so, while I waited for them to go in and check, the combination of my file of docs and handbag was getting heavy! I decided to go drop the handbag in the car, feeling I had all I would need for this 'brief stint at the embassy'. I didn’t know I would spend the entire day in there (and having had experience with embassies, I cannot explain how I came to deceive myself thus, its unforgiveable really!). And of course, I spent hours and hours in there oh!

At this point I ought to tell you what can be found in my bag: a shawl, a book, purse, check book, small sewing kit, hand cream, phones, pens, tissue and the most important of all robb. Yeees, robb! That’s my own special brand of lip gloss/stick, so laff all you want (oh, don’t waste your time recommending any other form of lip balm, nothing works). Well, so here I am in this room on this fateful day, bearing only an envelope of documents and nothing else. Bored out of my head cos I had no book to read, my lips throbbing with discomfort because I didnt have my special gloss, I was freezing (my hands turned, not blue, but white) cos I had no shawl, I needed to use the ladies and that was another drama because there was no tissue and no hand cream...I was fit to crawl up a wall oh. But that was not the cake or the icing on the cake sef! By the time I was called for interview, I realised that my old passport, which I was meant to have put together with the new one, was in my handbag, the car! How stupid. I kept asking myself why in the world I thought I could survive without my handbag. How?? All I could tell God was, you know I am not usually this (well, 'very') careless, You know! I asked the lady to let me go get the passport, because ‘my car is right outside the embassy’, your guess is as good as mine what her response was!

So, wetin you carry? Would you be alive and well at any point without your handbag?  What would you feel absolutely lost without? Pray, share....and...

Be free oh!


  1. Lollll!!!!!!!

    My Kindle!!!!!!!

    If I'm stranded in a desert, just give me my Kindle and all will be well. It has at least 200 books - fiction, Medical books and 2 versions of the Bible!!

  2. Wow.. I hope you got what you went in there for sha.
    Mine's my Ipod. I cnt imagine Life without sound, not just any sound, but quality sound and one that suites my mood. The ability to shut out and be in my world. Sometimes its my audio books I want to listen to, sometimes its mad, heavy, incomprehensible rap that my soul is craving for and sometimes its just jazz...typing this now, I am thinking- where is my Ipod :)

  3. while reading i thought for a moment if there was anything i'd feel lost/empty without??? Money was what came to mind :) I feel so paranoid and uncomfortable without it, always feeling i just might need something and money/card could be have solved the problem in a minute. :) guess we all have something :)


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