Saturday, January 29

In Shock...

I could not resist oh, I had to post this one.

You may think the title of this blog is a little too strong, or an 'overstatement'...but kai, when I was listening and hearing the thing yesterday morning, I tried to be objective, honest to God I did, I tried to understand that we all have problems, issues, troubles, and that it is easy to judge when the shoe is on the other foot, but kai! I felt like reaching out and strangling the woman, as well as Dan Foster himself for his....his...whats the word here??!!! his...according to him 'journalistic instincts!!' ok, ok, am calm down, I feel some palpitations coming. Here is the thing:
It was on FM 92.3, Dan Foster had been talking about 'keeping grudges' and to call people up if you haven't spoken to them in ages...I don't normally listen especially if I have missed the early morning 'Family Focus', besides, I like them Smooth or Classical....anyways, I stumbled in on this program yesterday, and oh this story takes the cake. I recap: her name is Princess, she is married and has 3 children, she has been seeing this other single guy for 11 months, her husband dotes on her, loves her very much, but she 'cant love him as much'...anyways, at some point, she and Mr. Single Guy decided to break it up (I think the break up wasn't exactly mutual, it was a case of Mrs. Married went to his house and met this other 'AS' (sicker) girl he was supposed to be seeing but isn't anymore, according to him, probably because she is AS (rolling and rolling my eyes!!!), and then in reaction, she tells him, I thought you weren't seeing her anymore, and he goes, well I miss you, I am lonely and I want to try to be strong.. but look this is over...ok ok it is over, and they both 'agreed' it is. However, Mrs Married continues to call but whenever she does, he refuses to take her calls, and so she has come on air to plead with Dan Foster to call Mr. Single Guy to please forgive her, take her calls, and they can still be friends. She misses him......omg. I am reining myself in, true, I am oh!! But what? She is married with 3 kids, she has broken it up but keeps calling and still wants to be friends?? How? How?  
Please, I need someone to talk to me because I honestly do not understand! While I was listening, 3 people called, two women, the first of them was so angry, so maaaaad you could hear it as she spoke, practically forbidding Dan not to call, trying to imagine a woman this blessed making such a ridiculous call on air!  Majority of the text that Dan got and read (men and women alike) said not to call, but to leave this matter alone and that the only advice Dan need give is to tell Mrs. Married to go work on her marriage. Only one person did say Dan should call, if only to find out what Mr. Single Guy was feeling...whew!
All I could think about as I strove not tear out my (lack of) hair was; how could she be so bold as to spend as many minutes on the phone with Dan? Not afraid that someone, least of all her husband, could actually pick out her voice. I really needed to get it. What do you think? Is this how easy it is to put your marriage aside and..and...(gosh am not judging, but everything she said about her husband was so positive), why? Why call up a presenter and do this on air? this boldness astound me o...I said 'be free'....but even freedom has its own boundaries
I need to leave this before I burst an artery.

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