Thursday, January 9

What do you Choose?

(I am not sure but I feel we had blogged this topic before! It’s all good though)

You know how I feel about New Year resolutions; We definitely blogged about it last year January! So, I have deliberately and consciously given up making them. Not because it is bad to change habits or aspire to be a better person, but especially because I do not want to be bound into them such that I am miserable when I fail at them.

I would rather take it one day at a time! No timelines, no pressure, no backing into a corner. But a conscious day by day desire to see the desired changes as a direct result of making the right choices at every point in time.
I want to lose weight; what choice do I make when something sumptuous is laid before me?
I need to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, what choice do I make when the duvet feels warmer than ever?
I want to be a better writer, what choice do I make when it’s time to decide between reading up and making research and when my favourite TV programme is on?
Given an option of reacting badly and keeping cool, rising above when the body is calling hotly for a reprisal; what do you do?
And when circumstances are so against you and can hardly catch your breath; what do you do? Choose to be happy or be an irritant, making other people’s lives even moe miserable?

These thoughts came to me because I received an evil report (and no, it is not a life and death matter) this year and I asked myself: to be sad or to be happy? I chose the latter. There is nothing (that comes or is coming) that the Lord cannot handle. So, I rest!

What do you choose?

Happy new year and be free oh!

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  1. I choose to be happy and see the best in every situation. Happy new year


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