Monday, February 4

My Personal Muse

This post is basically a run-down of the buzzing in my head these last few days. Do post your comments/responses if you have any, they just may give me clarity! Because, seriously, I really wonder!

Do you ever wonder why you do the things that you do? If you were asked to give reasons for doing the things that you do, or believe in, would you be able to? Take a minute, and think about, and try to justify firmly, why or why not. I wish I didn't have to use this example, but I am reading a book right now that caused me to ask myself, perhaps more seriously than ever: 'do I really want to get married, if yes, why?' The book also set me off into pondering on very many other questions.

Next: Who or what determines the things that happen to you, the course of your day, your life?Yourself, others, circumstances, God? Who? Or are we firm believers in chance and luck, accepting everything that comes our way as fate? I recently felt outraged that some entity think that it is up to them to decide where I go and when. As far as I am concerned and based on the promises God has made me, I believe I am largely responsible for the outcome of my day, and how my life turns out. (Even with God, it is a matter of choice, so: what is my choice?) Dunno if this makes sense. Musings, musings!

On fashion: I am no fashion expert, and I hesitate here but I wonder why and how one would combine patterned shawls and pashmina with patterned/coloured outfits! From what I know (of myself) pashminas are meant to keep away the cold and chill or to cover up the expanse of skin that those dresses we just must wear expose, as well as of course form part of a fashion signature (cold or no cold, you can work a pashmina into your outfit for the purpose of style) however, I would think that plain pashminas complement patterned clothes more. Sometimes too, the way the pashmina is draped around the body can either make or mar one's dressing: smart or drab or downright dowdy; especially when the pashmina is a mass of wrinkles! A wrinkled pashmina is unforgivable to me o! 

On habits. Been into this guy's blog a lot in the past few months, and what I like about his writing is the 'easy' steps and tips to doing whatever it is you need to do. He is a great advocate of  'starting small,' something we hardly consider when starting to 'build' (or tear down, as the case may be!)
However, as someone who recently shed a difficult habit, (someone asked me if it was smoking; I leave you to wonder) I find that just because it is said that a habit is broken in 21 days does not automatically mean that the temptation to go back to it disappears! No way. I find myself so sorely tempted on a daily basis, and here, we have gone past the 21-days mark, by almost double! It takes a will to decide to or not to. #Beware.

On 'putting your house in order,' this is one thought that triggered a great many others recently. How many people identify with the habit of giving tailors fabrics, and then never going back for them? I was transported almost 25 years into the past a few days ago, where I saw, and vividly remembered this tailor I gave my tan chinos fabric to make pants; I never went back for it. Fast forward many years, I 'see' many a great litter of fabrics in tailoring shops all over the place! It just occurred to me that part of putting our houses in order is tying up loose ends, which in this case, includes tidying up with tailors!
I rest my case (or muse, if you like) for now.

Be Free oh.
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