Friday, October 21

No Stopping Me oh!

I refuse, absolutely refuse to be discouraged, daunted, distracted by the gimmicks of this internet. Oh no. Am as cool as the cucumber. No matter, I will go over, through, under and warever to get my message across!
Haba, what a frustrating week! I tried so hard, so hard to post the last 2 blogs, on desktop on phone, the thing no just gree cooperate but I made it! Oh yeah, by the power of He that is in me, I made it!

So here I am again: been wanting to get in touch (via personal email) with my followers, those I do not know in person, but who felt that I deserve to be read (for why would I think anything I say deserves to be read, or that I deserve to be followed?? I am humbled). I also tried to check their blogs, I succeeded with a few but I couldnt leave comments or do what I have to! Mais, if I had your email addresses, I would have emailed, as I have resorted to doing with the DNW. :-)

Sha, dear followers, thanks for following, I am sure you can see my email address above the comment box, would be grateful if you could email me there so I can have yours.... Tans a bunch.

Now, is there anything else I would like to add?? Oh yes! 2 things actually: I stumbled across Vera Wang's black wedding dresses *eyes wide, dazed, uncomprehending* black wedding dress?? Then wetin we go wear for funerals (if people still don black).  Un-traditional as I am, I draw the line at wearing black. Hein?? What was she thinking? Vera? You going overboard, lady? Isn't there anything else to explore?? Haba. Try something else. Weird. Just weird.

Secondly...the picture below gets me...for a few reasons...(I am a sucker for grey hair, on the part of Obama though this isnt about him! :-) )
I love her 'damask-like' dress...I love how it shows off her structure, my goodness, look at her bone structure...firm! I love the 'careless' upsweep of her hair..mehn, one would think it was too casual for a State dinner, but that she pulled it off makes her a woman after my heart! The simple accessory...earrings and bangles...hmmm. Lastly, and most importantly...I just love how Obama is looking at her like he wants to steal a kiss!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. *love struck*

Have yourselves a gr8 WE....and be free oh.

PS/ As per the internet is a mess, please accept this blog however it comes oh...I will try my clicking, and hoping we wont have a tug of war!


  1. Actually, I kind of liked the black wedding collection, except I wish she hadn't made the models look like mortuary attendants.. I mean black can be lively with colorful makeup and accessories, and at the registry where you are not compelled to wear white, a fitted black suit is not such a bad thing. It all has to do with the mind.

    As for the Obamas, what can one's heartening to see them together. Gives a lot of us hope that there can be that special man in our lives...*sigh*


    Mary (Omo Jesu)

  2. Naaa..I don't feel the black wedding dresses at all. I prefer cheerful colors, nude or white. The Obamas are always heartening, but presidency no be joke o, Obama is getting old before his time :(

  3. @Mary: you try oh! Black wedding dress ke. Hia.
    and yes, I was going to add that she made it worse by using models who look like Edward Cullen!!!! Lol.
    @Myne....the poor man started graying as soon as he won that election oh! Still, he is the most powerful man in the world...whats a little grey in comparison?


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