Tuesday, May 24


3-letter word: can be pleasurable, can be destructive, what you get absolutely depends on how you approach it.

Reading the newspaper this morning, I knew I wanted to talk about SEX. It occurred to me that this thing has be gnawing at me for weeks since the former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Khan saga began.

What a sad story. All these stories of great men falling because of this 'little' thing called SEX. Dominique Strauss-Khan, Arnold Schwarzenegger...and in case you haven't heard, he had a child about 13 years ago with his housekeeper and his wife never knew until he opened his mouth a few weeks ago (sleeping with the enemy you would say?)...Albert Odulele, Pastor in the UK and Tiger Woods to mention a few. Strong men, powerful people, important men. The idea is not to mention names and point fingers, after all, we are all guilty of one thing or another.

But the DSK thing: from day 1, that story gave me goose bumps. How?  Violent rape. Not just sexual harassment. No one, absolutely no one, besides God and him and her, knows what transpired that day, but what we do know, is that a man, rich, powerful, possible next President of France has been brought down to his knees, embarrassed beyond repair. Career, gone. The wife is quite supportive now, but who knows what is next, the family will never be the same again, and that is for sure...damage has been done, one way or the other, even for those who seemingly, may have moved on.

But, this blog is not to talk about whether DSK fell into a trap or not. No. It is to register my profound fear of the power of this thing called sex, created by God to be 'beautiful,' according to but within the confines of marriage. Why is it such a  force of destruction? Why 'it?' Why not gluttony, money, and some other 'big' things?? Ok,  I know people have been jailed for money-laundering and all sorts but you must agree with me that those stories are never as sensational as this issue of sex.

Lord God, we need help. These things that begin as 'little foxes', aptly described by the Bible do grow up to devour, strip, expose, disgrace and embarrass people when they finally become 'people' to be reckoned with! I know we wrote something on the blog Accountable: To Who because...it starts in the very little things. It does, and if not nipped... This is beyond sex. Its all of those things I love to do. It may not be every day or even every week...it may be once in a while, once in a blue moon, it just surfaces and I indulge like a cat with cream...on and off, on and off...feeding it, condoning it, indulging it...until the day it finally DSK, Arnold and Tiger Wood's on me.

I am profoundly afraid (goo fear) and must Do Something About The Little Foxes Intent On Destroying My Vine!

We must never think for a moment that it cannot happen to us just because these people seem so far removed from from us. Little lies, small stealings...small  gossip and talking too much, sharing confidences...

'Let him that thinks he stands take heed lest falls...'

Be free oh. Be free. Try.


  1. A word in season! We tend to get careless with things and to indulge, it helps to remind ourselves...
    This issue of the scandalousness of sex is just beyond comprehension. Why is that it seems to be the SOLE weapon of destruction inflicted upon the world, there was a time the rave of the moment was all sorts of sexual addictions and pornography issues, now its same sex issues and infidelity...you would wonder...and then the people who are 'allowed' to have sex, are the ones who are not interested and will rather do it with someone or something else????? In conjunction with terrorism and all the natural disasters, this world is quite sick...

  2. This is definitely a word in season. We all need to take heed.

  3. My dear really food for thought. It can happen to anyone we should try and like the bible says flee from it with with our two legs. Cos it sips in little by little until its in control of our bodies

  4. Late last year I learnt the hard way about the little fox that one day, just jumps out at you and to your utter consternation and mortal shame, you realise that its no longer a little fox but a huge, horrible, lochness monster....I wanted to die. Really.....There are no words to desribe how I felt and I felt it for close on 2 weeks and know now that its only God that got be out of that flunk. He is indeed merciful.

    There is no easy way to say it. STOP it. Whatever it is you are doing that you cannot have anyone else knowing about. ONE day SOMEONE will find out and you will hate yourself. It will not even be (as you would think about you sinning against God), it will just be this horrible wrenching pain in your gut that you are 'sick' and need help! You think as Christians we would 'fear' God enough...We dont. I am convinced that the kind of fear we need to walk right with God does not just fall on you when you give your life to Christ. We need to pray for it. We need to ask God to help us fear him.....I realised that too. I thank God it was not too late and I had to ask God to wipe my slate clean cos I would hate for that 'video' to be played back during my final interview at the pearly gates......I have thought about DSK too and I will be the last one to judge but one thing I know and we can see from his life, what you don't kill now, will control you. A man of that stature? He could not control his urges? For the sake of a few minutes, even if its an hour of pleasure, he flushed his life down the loo.....You see how powerful a little fox can be?

    And its not just about sex, its about anything that rubbishes our Christian testimony especially in the area of our appetites......

    May God give us all the grace we need.....Thanks Zee for putting this out there......


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