Tuesday, October 10

I am Sorry!

Oh wow!

I apologize for the onslaught of blog posts landing in your inbox! Totally unintentional, believe me. Been gone so long I completely forgot how this works.

I was just on Whatsapp with a friend who randomly mentioned she got my blog notification, and I went...err,what?

As part of housekeeping everything in my life that needs to be 'house kept', I returned to zouzousmuses to re-read my entire posts, and update where necessary in anticipation of posting something new, but apparently each blog-post I updated landed in your inbox! I cannot even imagine the number, and I am not even done! :-(

While I have your attention now though, I apologize for my disappearance (beginning to sound like a broken record), but throughout my time away, I have written a few draft posts. Not as much as I should have, but I have been writing. 

Whatever you get up to at the moment,dear readers,

...be free oh.

PS/ I have just been educated on the 'power' of 'I am Sorry' and 'Apologies in Order', guess which won?

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