Wednesday, August 20

...and Zouzou Mused.

The world has hardly been still since I was last here.
What, with the plane crashes, Ukraine crisis, Iraq, Israel and Palestine, ISIS, oh, lets not forget the little town of Ferguson in the US, to mention but a few.
And no, I definitely did not forget Ebola!

So which should we talk about? I have kept away because I didn't know which issue to muse on! They were happening so fast! But that we do not want to talk about something does not make it go away.
So I took my own advice on passion, and remembering the reason you started something in the first place, and to 'just do it.'

So. Ebola. 
When Patrick first landed Nigeria and the news of Ebola broke, my first thought was, 'Lord, we really could do without Ebola right now!' Isn't battling Boko Haram enough? 
And then the nightmare began. And people have been dying. Death within a few short weeks, family thorn apart, medical systems stretched to the limit.

But since you and I are here, what are we doing? What is our position on this matter?
Are we taking it seriously enough to talk about it, practice and really get into the physical (and spiritual) things we need to do to curb the spread? Or are we nonchalant as usual, and flaring up when someone to send a broadcast or forward an email on the matter? 

We owe it to ourselves and to our neighbor (yes, those people we notoriously do not care about, the 'other people' who are not us!) to be safe. Be safe! Talk about Ebola in its entirety, terrible as it is, but also about the hope of recovery, the need to curb it. I was reading this article this morning and it made me tearful. I don't know if we really, truly grasp the enormity of this outbreak. And if we do, being hygienic should be non-negotiable! And if that involves not shaking hands or hugging for you, then by all means stick to your guns! Do not let people make you feel uncomfortable about your decision. 

On the other hand, we should also remember that there is hope as people have recovered. We can cling to this, speak about it, and be encouraged. 
My sister has been saying 'Ebola will be sorry it came to Nigeria.' But that can only happen if you and I actively engage ourselves and those around us in fighting it. Let us 'join hands' together to make Ebola sorry!!

I hope that a high level of personal hygiene is what this experience leaves with us when it is finally over. And it will be over.

Be free oh (to spread hope, not fear).

Tuesday, April 15

We Weep Again...

It starts from the little things.

The killings and bombings and terrible evil happening in Nigeria today (I do not want to talk about the world!) did not just start over night, a myriad of issues culminated into this religious, ethnic and political divide that we see and experience. We talk about unity but no one really wants to unite; we each want to exist, separate from our neighbour; we prefer to be insular as a people, a church, an organization, even the government! How is that possible when we have such a great and diverse culture? How can we not want to be our neighbour’s keeper? How did we become so self-involved?

When did we get to the point where what happens to the other person is not our business? How can we walk past when our neighbour is being threatened? Since when did it become normal to kill people, and children and babies, and we read about it and move on; business as usual? When did we become this stone-hearted people who no longer feel?  And even if or when we do, we do nothing but "condemn in strong terms?" Except for those who were born in the last few decades, this was not the sort of world we grew up in! And how is it we never passed on the togetherness, closeness, village-raising-the child spirit to the next generation? Why is it we have left the soul and the future of our country in the hands of people who do not, in the first instance, have our interests at heart? How is it that we complain bitterly and cry, and yet commit the same mistakes come the next election? How is it we are like fans outside the football field, experts at how the ball should be maneuvered?? If you could do better why are you outside the field??

People say only a revolution will cleanse this nation, my question is: are you ready to lead it? Talk is so cheap. The operative word in what is happening in our nation today is selfishness. No one wants to be responsible for the other person, or to put the other person first. Those in government do not feel that they are leading a people whose interests should be their daily preoccupation, no! They are in government for personal gain.

And for those of us who sit pretty in our comfortable homes, our states and our offices thinking that these things are far removed from us...hmmm...what goes round comes round. This is a together fight, don’t be found outside the fray; jump in, and in whatever form you can!

I wish our friends and families and colleagues and neighbours who died in the Nyanya blast could trust that we who remain would fight against the evil that befell them...but alas!! Alas!! Our attention will soon be taken away by something else. Give it a day or two. We cannot live like this. We CANT.

Be Free oh!

(Yes, I resurrected myself!)